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Reducing Stress and Developing Resiliency


For Parents

What Ownership do parents have?

Parents, as well as schools and the students themselves, can be the cause of much of the stress in their children’s lives. Parents can best help their children by providing unconditional love and support through the inevitable ups and downs of adolescence. Value your child’s personal growth, effort, and nonacademic achievement over their “performance goals” than focus on grades and acceptance to elite colleges.

Strategies for Managing and Reducing Stress for Your Child

(Partially taken from Challenge Success Challenge Success )

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Define success on your terms:

Create a family plan:

Insist on food and sleep:

End the homework wars:

Debunk the college myths:

Listen to your gut and your child:

Where you can get help at school and in the community

There are numerous places at Lexington High School where parents and students can seek support with academic, social, personal, or emotional issues. These include guidance, deans, nurses, and social workers.  The list of support personnel includes names and contact information. Resources are also available through the Town of Lexington and elsewhere in the community.

List of Support Personnel
Community Resources
Red Flags and Resources - Guide for Parents and Teens

What’s Going on at LHS?

LHS Stress Initiatives

Weekly Parent Discussion Group

The LHS Guidance Department offers a weekly parent discussion group led by guidance staff. The group is very informal and provides an opportunity for parents to share information, discuss concerns, ask questions, and talk about various aspects of life at LHS. The group meets every Thursday from 7:45-8:45am in the Guidance Conference Room (next to Room 156). It is not necessary to come every week; parents can attend on a drop-in basis. Parents with students at any grade level are welcome to participate.

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