Lexington High School

Reducing Stress and Developing Resiliency


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like the opportunity to talk to some other parents whose children are struggling with stress at the high school. Is there a way for me to join a group?
A: One option is the Lexington Parent Online Forum on Student Stress . This on-line forum has been set up to facilitate parent discussion. There is also a weekly drop-in discussion group, at LHS, hosted by the Guidance Department, that meets weekly. See the parents page write up for more details.

Q: Whom do I contact at the High School to get more counseling for my daughter?
A: Navigating through the many departments and resources at LHS can be a little daunting. The person to contact with your concerns would be your child’s guidance counselor who is the primary case manager for your child while at LHS. The guidance counselor will meet with your child to determine what kind of help is needed. Based on your child’s needs, the counselor will continue to assist your child or refer him/her to the school nurse or social worker. If outside therapy is recommended, the counselor can provide a list of local therapists.

Q: I would like to learn more about how to do mindfulness. Can someone suggest someone to contact?
A: If you go to the Mindfulness page, several local practitioners are listed.