Lexington High School

Reducing Stress and Developing Resiliency


College Admissions

Too many students start worrying about admission to college before they even finish middle school. And they worry that if they do not get into one of the "good" schools (typically defined as one of the top 25 very selective "brand name" schools as rated by a source like US News and World Report), then they will be "failures" -- unsuccessful and unhappy in life. As a result, they put themselves under alot of pressure to "build a resume" in the hope that they can gain admission to one of these prestige schools -- high GPA, many AP courses, lots of extracurricular activities, not enough sleep and "down time". Too often students do not consider the idea that they can be happy and successful at a college or university outside the "brand names." Therefore, students overlook schools that would allow them to pursue what they care about, apply their unique set of talents and skills, and put them with teachers and students with whom they can enjoy learning. When students believe their happiness is contingent upon gaining admission to a "brand name" school, they put themselves under an enormous amount of stress.