Lexington High School

Reducing Stress and Developing Resiliency


from LHS Mission Statement
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About the Stress Initiative

Many students in Lexington, as in communities throughout the country, are experiencing unhealthy and unacceptable levels of stress. This unhealthy stress not only impedes academic success, but can also lead to risky behaviors and serious physical and mental health problems.

Our shared vision is to work together as a community to reduce sources of unhealthy stress, to move students toward more healthy stress-management techniques, and to fostering resiliency and self-awareness in students.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to parents, students and educators about the sources of unhealthy stess and ways to address it and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information It is based on the conclusion that this serious problem can be addressed effectively only through an ongoing effort that actively involves the schools, parents and other resources in the community and is based on useful information and ideas about what can be done. Ongoing community forums, speakers and house meetings that inform and engage parents, students and educators are some of the other ways that will be used to further this effort.

This website has been set up so that information and ideas can be shared; parents, educators, students and others in the community are encouraged to provide resource materials -- websites, books, articles, research, ideas -- to site at

The website is modeled on one that had been set up at Needham MA High School and has been established and will be maintained by the members of the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).